Captivate Escape Rooms – Cirque

I’ve always enjoyed captivate rooms due to their creative and original puzzles, and I came back to play their newest room with that expectation. To keep a long story short: this room didn’t disappoint, and delivered on other fronts as well.

Quite surprisingly for captivate, there is a little technology incorporated into this room. Sometimes it is just used to provide an alternative to the regular locks that you commonly find in captivate rooms, and at other times it is part of a creative puzzle. This adds some variation to the room.

The puzzles in this room are rigorous and logically strong. There are also a great variety of them, and of varying difficulty levels as well. As you might come to expect of captivate, they have interesting props that feature hands-on problem solving at more than one point, and this added to the fun factor of the room. Atypically for a captivate room, this room feels tougher than usual, with several cool moments of realisation to be made, which is always nice. Also unusually for captivate, this room actually engages the storyline midway through, which makes the entire experience feel more cohesive and well-rounded.

Amongst captivate’s collection, this room is a nice, tough one. It may seem rather bare at times, but you’ll be surprised that good searchers would be important at points. Also note that this room isn’t completely linear, so do be organised when sorting out clues. There is a reasonable amount of space, and therefore I would recommend 3-5 players.

On a side note, I attempted this room with the author of Do check out her review here!

Difficulty: 8/10

Atmosphere: 7.5/10

Technology: 5/10

Logic: 9/10

Overall enjoyment: 8.5/10


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